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The Rooms

The Rooms

Studio Bloch consists of three recording rooms, a control room, a bathroom and a lounge/kitchen.

The pride of Studio Bloch is the studio’s large live room. The room has a high ceiling and oak floors, and the back wall looks the same as 100 years ago; the rocks make it one of the most beautiful and natural looking diffusers you can imagine. The room has a lively balanced sound with a relatively short reverberation time, which makes it sound very pleasant and airy but still defined. The room is equipped with a Steinway Type A Grand Piano from 1969 and is the most frequently used room to record in Studio Bloch.

The second-largest room in the studio is the studio’s control room. The control room is based around a Euphonix System 5-MC control surface and a Pro Tools HD system with monitoring by Genelec, Yamaha, Dynaudio as well as a custom built pair of Acme mastering speakers. The front end is mostly handled by a vintage Amek Angela console and SSL preamps. The studio also has a vintage EMT140 plate reverb and a fully operational Studer A80 1” 8-track tape recorder, giving you the opportunity to record with the sonic imprint of magnetic tape.

The drum room is situated in an old freezer room from the days of the ice factory in the building. To treat the sound in the room, a sheet of plaster has been removed from one of the walls to reveal the old cork blocks which were used as isolation 100 years ago. The room has a very dry, tight sound, making it ideal for both drums, vocals, guitars etc.

The studio also has a vocal booth which has been dampened down completely, making it very suitable for vocals, guitars etc.

Along with the recording rooms there is a kitchen/lounge area where you can relax between sessions, prepare something delicious to eat or have a cold Sisu.

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